The Soufflé Kids Tableware Set


The Soufflé Antibacterial Kids Tableware Set is a natural product that is completely free of harmful substances such as BPA, DEHP, PVC, Lead and Melamine. Lab results show that the 304L Antibacterial Stainless Steel is 99% resistant to Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.




Winner of Reddot Product Design
• The stainless steel can be heated directly when PP outer sleeve is removed.
• Bowl with high rim is designed to prevent child’s mouth direct contact with PP outer sleeve.
• Plate designed with triangle rim to prevent from tipping over and to provide grip.
• Plate with reverse curve on the inside rim for easy scooping.
• Fork and Spoon are specially designed with oversized handles for easy grip.
• Spoon with bite-size is perfect for child’s dining or adult’s dessert utensil when removing sleeves.
• Fork with rounded edges for safety.

Antibacterial Made Life Easier

  • 304L (18/8) Antibacterial Stainless Steel, non-toxic, corrosion resistant, antibacterial.
  • Free of harmful substances such as BPA, DEHP, PVC, LEAD and Melamine.
  • Lab results show 99% resistant to Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.
  • A tableware you can trust! Products passed CPSC Safety Requirements.
  • Non-toxic PP outer sleeves to protect babies from high heat.
  • Food grade silicone lid with leak-proof designed to keep food safe and fresh.


304L Antibacterial Stainless Steel • PP Outer Sleeve • Silicone Lid

Volume & Weight

Bowl: 430 ml • Plate: 550 ml • Cup: 330 ml • Fork (S): 34g • Spoon (S): 36g

Resistant Temperature

PP Sleeve: -10ºC ~ 110ºC

Silicone lid & handles: -30ºC ~ 250ºC

Country of Origin


How to look after your VIIDA Product.

  • Product intended for use by 6 months and up.
  • Do not use in microwave or oven.
  • Do not let children use without supervision.
  • Do not use UV light or steam to clean the PP outer sleeve. Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Antibacterial stainless steel prevents bacteria growth on the stainless steel, but does not prevent bacteria growth on the food stored within.
  • When handling heated food and beverages, please avoid direct contact with the bottom of the hole exposed stainless steel to avoid burns.